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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Is Just Around the Corner!

Mom and I got to entertain my cousin Sophie over the holiday weekend! We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and visit nearby trails at Potters Bridge Park. As you can see on the ground, the leaves are starting to fall already! Even though most of the leaves are still green, we were surrounded by constantly falling leaves. It made for some great fun!

Sophie had fun meeting a ton of other dogs along the trail. Mom says I'm too over-protective of her and wasn't allowed to meet many of them. I'm not sure why Sophie bothers with them when she has me right there anyway.


koko said...

Sophie is such a sweet gal... and I can understand why you're over protective ;) Hope you'll have a great autumn.

Licks, hero

Lord said...

You are both very pretty Laney.

As our friend hero said - he understands you being over protective. That's a Shar Pei thing. Char Siew is actually very protective of me and his cousin Aliyah.