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Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm glad you were able to spend the day with me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Meme

No, I was not throwing up in the first pic. I was just in mid-yawn. For some reason, Mom thinks this is funny. I do not. Looking like I'm dry-heaving is not attractive.

So I got this meme from Zeus, who's pretty cool for a cat:

I am...a big dog stuck in a little dog’s body.
I think...I have my grandpa wrapped around my little paw.
I to manipulate both of my grandparents.
I be with my Mom all the time, or at least have her in my field of vision.
I have...lots of toys!
I wish...Mom could stay home all day, every day with me.
I hate...baths!
I miss...Mom when she’s at work all day.
I fear...the groomer or boarding places, when they smell like a bunch of other dogs.
I feel...nonchalant most of the time.
I hear...every noise outside.
I smell...stinky after being outside.
I regret...getting over-excited during play when Mom has to correct me. An “Ah-ah” is all it takes.
I love...human food!
I care...about each visitor that comes in the door.
I always...have to know where my Mom is at all times, especially at the park.
I am not...independent.
I believe...I am the boss of all dogs at the park.
I dance...with my mom sometimes. It’s a fun trick that I like to do.
I sing...but it sounds more like whining.
I tell my friends about all my adventures.
I win...when I play with my friend Gizmo, the Golden Retriever.
I lose...when I get in a fight with any dog. Curse my sensitive Shar Pei skin!
I never...potty indoors.
I listen...when I feel like it.
I can usually be found...sleeping.
I am scared when...the vacuum comes near me.
I read...all my friends’ blogs.
I forget...nothing.
I just...slept some more.
I am happy about...going on car rides with Mom.
I only...potty out in the fenced-in yard when Mom comes out with me.
I need...lots of cuddling time.
I wonder...if I will ever get any bigger. (Mom says no.)
I pounce...on my favorite toy at random times.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Days at the Park

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been busy having fun at the dog park! I did get hurt a week ago Sunday by an ornery little miniature dachshund that looked a lot like Ruby! Though, Ruby is much sweeter than this little gal that came and ripped out a good chunk of hair from my side. But Mom continued to take me to the park since the weather was so nice, and just kept me in the “small dog area” when we didn’t know the other dogs. But I always had dogs to play with.

And yesterday we actually stayed out at the park 3 and a half hours, just enjoying the beautiful spring weather! I tired out after the first hour, but kept getting bursts of energy every time a new dog came in.

Gizmo loves to taunt me with sticks that he carries around. Yesterday, I was able to grab on and play tug-o-war with him! But after I growled a couple times, he let me have it. He’s such a softie! And Mom calls me a bully. But hey, I’m like a third of his size! It’s not my fault he doesn’t realize it’s not possible for me to hurt him!
And please don’t tell him. I like this game!

Laney and Gizmo - Tug-O-War

Laney and Gizmo - Tug-O-War

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mutt Strut

Mom and I are going to participate in Mutt Strut this year! Check out our cool page here:

It's a fun way to benefit the Indy Humane Society! 
And want to hear something cool? This year, it falls on my Adoption Day!
Mom thought that was very neat, since she adopted me from a neighboring Humane Society last year on the same day! Mom will probably be full of happy tears that day. And me? I'll be busy meeting all kinds of new dogs on our walk around the race track. And the best part is we'll be helping out other dogs, just like me, find their forever homes.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Dear Park, How I've Missed You

This weekend the weather was fantastic! And on Saturday Sandy’s mom called us to see if we wanted to meet at the dog park, in the small section away from the dogs we don’t know. So mom and grandpa took me over there. And a lot of my favorite friends showed up! Mom wished she would have remembered to take pictures, because we had a lot of fun! (The one posted here was from last summer.)

When we first got there, we were there early and Sandy hadn’t gotten there yet. So I was wondering why all the dogs were on the other side of the fence and I was by myself (with mom and grandpa). But soon, Eddie showed up! He’s a little guy who I have fun wrestling with. Then, Gizmo and his mom and dad showed up! And even tho he’s a big golden retriever, he’s a little dog at heart and they brought him in to play with us! Finally Sandy showed up, and we immediately started wrestling around. Our parents could tell we missed each other!. Then, Molly, our cute little puggle friend showed up. And Cooper, another golden. But then, a little tiny Yorkie showed up. And when I say tiny, I mean barely a third of my size! And her owner was obviously nervous to put her down with the big dogs around. So Cooper and Gizmo had to go back to the big side.

Then the lady put the little Yorkie on the ground. Mom was a little nervous for the first time since we had gotten there. She was afraid I’d growl and scare the little gal, since the dogs I’ve been more aggressive towards have been little dogs that I don’t know. She also didn’t know how I’d react if that tiny thing would take off running, as she was smaller than any bunny I’ve seen. But mom should have had more faith in me. I didn’t mind the little pup at all! I sniffed her out and then ignored her to play with Sandy and collapse in exhaustion!

What a fun day! I wish every trip to the park would be that fun and exciting, with nobody hurting me! It was a trade-off though, as mom got a nasty splinter from the bench the humans were sitting on. Mom laughed and said that she has a doggie first aid kit, because of my numerous scrapes, but not a human one! Thanks to Sandy’s mom and dad, though since they had a human one.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Usual Demeanor

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun With Family!

So last week, Mom all the sudden started acting weird, and came out of the bathroom a little later and her hair had changed color! I hope that doesn’t happen to me next time I take a bath!

Also, this weekend my grandparents came over. See this chair they let me curl up on with them? Mom doesn’t ever let me on this chair. My grandparents really spoil me!

Laney and Grandma
Laney and Grandpa

And of course, I had fun with my little cousin! I tried to lick her face as much as possible!