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Friday, June 21, 2013

Treat Review!

These are my favorite things to review... TREATS! was kind enough to let me try out the Orijen brand of treats. Mom chose Duck for me. Her favorite thing is the limited ingredients. 

My favorite thing is the taste!

Oh yeah!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Dog Collar!

I got a nice, new to collar to review from the dog bark collar store! This is a "polycoated webbing"  material instead of the fabric that we're used to. (A hard rubber-like material.) So, it's extremely easy to clean.. dirt easily washes off. Unlike my usual fabric collars that start to look worn and dirty after a couple months.. and never look fully clean, even after scrubbing. 

It was stiff and hard to bend around my neck at first. But after a few wears, I've broken it in, and it's much more comfy now. Mom likes that my collar is silent - the tag is built right into the collar - so no jingling tags! And it comes in several fun colors.. we chose hot pink so it'd stand out on my dark fur. 

Mom's only minor complaint is that it's not as easy as most collars to take on and off, since it's more like a belt buckle than a regular clasp. But that also makes it more secure. It's certainly the most sturdy and strong collar that I own. We highly recommend this one!

Thanks again to!