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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines! And Dog Therapy Work!

I have no specialized training in dog therapy. Mom knows I wouldn’t pass formal training since I don’t care for new dogs and don't react well to them. But once a month, I get to go play with kids and get lots of treats from them! There’s this thing once a month at mom’s church called Parents Night Out where parents of handicapped kids can come leave them to play with me (or watch a movie, read, etc) for a few hours while they go do whatever it is that grownups do.

Anyway, Mom had the great idea to bring me along, if the parents didn’t mind (which they didn’t of course). And the kids can play ball with me, which is a LOT more fun that at home with just Mom! At home, I get bored and stop playing after a few tosses from Mom. I played for a long time, always bringing the ball back for these kids. Mom says I was showing off. She’s right. Also, she showed them how I do tricks for treats. And the kids LOVE feeding me treats too! How cool is that?! All night I get tons of attention from kids and adults alike.

The parents were impressed with my calm presence and how well-behaved I am. And one family may be getting a dog for their daughter after seeing how well we interacted! Mom says she’s super proud of how well I am with the kids and don’t care about wheelchairs or strange noises at all. I think it’s the most fun night of the month!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your special humans! Be sure to give them an extra kiss!