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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr. Chewy Delivery!

What's this? I smell yummy treats and food for me!

Mr. Chewy is the best! He hooked us up with a gift certificate for his online store (, and I scorded a box full of goodies!

There was a wide variety of healthy treats and food to choose from. And Mom did good... she knows what I like! These peanut butter treats from Mr. Newman were super tasty!

I always sit and "shake" for a treat.

These are cute, little heart-shaped cookies that I couldn't get enough of...

Have to get every crumb!

More please?

Nom nom!

From Laney's Mom (the review):

Laney loved everything she got from And I was impressed by not only the selection but free the shipping and extremely fast delivery! Most "free shipping" options take up to 2 weeks to come. This package was ordered on Tuesday and arrived two days later! I was impressed. Now, the prices on a few individual items (notably the dental bones) I noticed were higher than our local superstores (they can probably get bigger bulk discounts), but the money saved in driving - having food delivered to home would make up for that. I highly enjoyed my experience - plenty of great (and all-natural) brands, easy ordering, free shipping, and incredibly fast delivery! We highly recommend this site for those of you who like home delivery options.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lap Dog

It's a rough life I lead...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow... Sigh


Will someone please tell my little cousin that I'm not a doggie snowman?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Presents

What did you all get for Christmas?! My favorite gift was this new, cozy bed that fits me perfectly! As soon as Mom unwrapped it for me and put it in the floor, I was curled up like this. I also scored some yummy treats, and a few fun squeaky toys!

On Christmas Day, we went over to my cousin's house. I like to chase their cats. Especially, their new kitten, Snoopy. He actually tries to get me to chase him, probably because his brother won't play with him. Here, Snoopy is waiting on me to get up from my nap. He stared at me all through the family dinner. But I pretty much ignore him till he runs.