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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woofstock Group Shot

*Courtesy of my pal Gizmo's dad

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Woofstock 2010

So, last weekend was the annual Woofstock, a fundraiser for the Humane Society where Mom found me! Again, it was super hot and humid. But it sure was fun meeting all my Bark Park friends and walking around with them! Here's cute little Bailey:

Since I'm a rescue from the Humance Society, they gave me a green bandana to let everyone know! It's pretty funny that 2 years after I was adopted, the workers at the Humane Society still remember me and give me lots of attention when they see me!

The highlight was the Dog Walk, where this year they did something special. There were four stations where us dogs had to do tricks and get our card checked off. And if we did all four tricks we got a prize! Mom knew immediately that I could do 3 out 4 of them, but not the "Speak" command. As she only wants me barking at strangers at our door. BUT that judge was kind on all of us pups, and let us do something else! So, Mom, knowing I was good at dancing, impressed the judge with that! So, I completed all my tasks: Sit, Shake, Dancing, and Lay Down... and scored a big box of my favorite Three Dog Bakery Treats! How cool is that?!

Here's a picture of all the pups and their people lined up for the walk:

You can bet, we were ahead of the pack!

And here's a cute Bulldog that my mom kept checking out:

Well, I was ready to go as soon as I scored some more treats from all the vendors.

And soon we were headed home:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too Darn Hot!

So, the other day, Mom and I went for a nice long walk at a local park. But it was super hot and humid, and my legs just aren't as long as Mom's. So, when she wanted to do another loop around this big park, I had to put my paw down. I found the closest shade under a tree, and just laid down.


Mom pulled on my leash, but I wasn't going anywhere. Unless she wanted to carry me. Which I knew she wouldn't want to do, because of the hot, sticky weather.
<--- Sticking my tongue out at Mom for trying to get me to keep on going.
After a few minutes of resting in the shade, Mom said we could go home. And I got up and gladly walked back to the car.
This has only happened once before. I usually have plenty of stamina. Mom says it's because of the sudden humidity that my body wasn't used to yet.
Give it a few more weeks, and I'll be wanting to walk longer than Mom can!