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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dreaded Teeth Cleaning

Mom is all stressed today, cuz I have to spend all day at the Vet getting my teeth cleaned. Apparently, they have to make me go to sleep for a while. Doesn't sound so bad to me, but mom doesn't like it. She says she won't get much work done today thinking about me. Well, I think she should be thinking about me all-day, everyday anyway.
The most traumatic part will be that I have to be kenneled, which reminds me of the Humane Society where Mom got me.
Mom says she's going to cover the car where I sit, in case I throw up on the way home. I have a bit of a nervous stomach!
Any other pups have to go through this dreaded teeth cleaning at the Vet? How bad was it?


verobirdie said...

Lois, I'm sure your Mom will be alright :-)
And you will be great too. Think of the fresh breath after the teeth cleaning!

Duke said...

I had a toofie pulled and then they cleaned my teeth, Laney! It wasn't so bad!
Mom told me that I had a sparkling smile afterwards! Make sure you get a cookie tonight!

Love ya lots