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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Laney and I love going to the dog park to play with other dogs and visit with their owners. But this is the 3rd time Laney has come home a little beat up. After last night’s tangle with a seemingly harmless dog, I thought Laney was just scared because the larger dog barked and lunged at her. Laney cowered, with her tail down, and walked slowly back to me for protection. Since I had missed most of the altercation, except for the other dog barking loudly at Laney, I didn’t coddle Laney. But I was freezing, and we had already been there over an hour. So I decided it was time to go anyway.

It wasn’t till she was in the car seat next to me, closer to my eye level, that I saw the results of what really happened. A short, bloody scrape on Laney’s cheek. Not quite as bad as the photo above, from two weeks ago. But in nearly the same place. And of course, I got a bit angry this time. It would be one thing if she was a large or aggressive dog. Instead, she’s on the smaller side, playful. And while she tries to dominate, she’s never aggressive. And she has about the softest mouth; my old cat bit harder (with sharper teeth) than she does.

I guess I don’t have to worry about the same dogs attacking Laney, as she hides from the larger dogs that give her reason. But it’s frustrating that Laney gets the raw end of the deal here. I hope we don’t have to end up just playing in the small dog area, since everyone migrates to the larger area (small and big dogs alike).

Laney may be a SuperPup, but she sure isn’t indestructible!


Johann The Dog said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I see you are in Indiana? Us too!

Sorry about what happened at the dog park. We don't go to them anymore, since I was severely attacked at the Humane Society Dog Park a few years ago.

Stop by again, K? We love new friends!

Woofs, johann

Lindsay said...

I've never had anything bad happen to Ace at the dog park, probably because he is so submissive and is usually more focused on a ball than other dogs. But I have still seen some very dominant and aggressive dogs at the park. I can't believe those owners actually bring their dogs there. I'd be embarrassed. I think they are on a power trip though. Like "look at my tough dog."

Anyway, I hope things go OK from now on.

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Johann - Yes, we're in Fishers!
Wow, my attacks weren't that bad. But mom still had to clean the cuts out and put antibiotic stuff on them. But I was tuff.
We'll be sure to stop by. I have your blog on our watch list.

Lindsay - Thanks Lindsay. Yeah, I think sometimes the owners just don't know if their dog will attack another, if they haven't been socialized much. And Laney also tries to get territorial, but with no "bite" behind her "bark."

Biggie-Z said...

ouch is right! That looks pretty rough!

When Biggie was younger he wasn't as good at reading other dogs' body language as he is now, and he was a persistent pup when it came to playing. One time he challenged his best friend to the water bowl and got a cut under his eye for his troubles. One thing you suggest is that Laney can be a little dominant and maybe these are the larger dogs telling her not to get too close.

Funny thing is, now he and his buddy share the water bowl very well - neither one has to always go first; they just take turns.

Here's a link to a site that is pretty informative.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and hope we see more of you!