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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, and More Misadventures of Laney at Gizmo's Party

SuperPup Happy Halloween everyone! I’ll be helping mom pass out candy to trick-or-treaters tonight, dressed in my costume! Are you all doing anything fun?

Well, last night was a big night for me, to say the least! First, we celebrated Gizmo’s birthday! He turned 1 year old today! Happy Birthday, Gizmo! Gizmo’s mom and dad got a yummy cake in the shape of a bone for him and the rest of us to share…

Gizmo's Birthday Cake

Gizmo is such a fun pup! He’s full of energy and will play well with any and every dog in the park. He’s not the least bit aggressive, ever. Which I love, of course. Gizmo’s my favorite guy to wrestle with! He even lets me steal his ball, stick, or whatever thing he’s playing with and doesn’t get mad. I can be pretty sneaky. Mom calls me a bully. But I just like claiming everything in the park as mine. That’s my favorite game.

Eddie and Gizmo waiting for cake

I got a couple pieces and it was yummy!

Laney gets a piece of cake

Sandy gets a piece of cake

Baxter gets a piece of cake

Gizmo scored the most, since he’s the biggest dog and kept jumping up and stealing pieces, but that was only fair since he’s the Birthday Boy!

Gizmo, Laney, and Eddie

It wasn’t long before it was all gone. Then, we were all searching for crumbs!

Laney and Sandy ask for more
Eddie, Laney, and Sandy looking for crumbs
Laney and Gizmo search for crumbs

Click here to view all the photos from Gizmo’s party!

And click here to see Gizmo’s blog about his party. He even scored a present!

His mom and dad even brought a cake for all the moms and dads to share! How nice is that?! Mom said it was yummy too.

Then, the not-so-fun stuff happened. Someone had passed out a treat for everybody, and I had a hard time chewing mine. So I carried it away to finish. But when my friend Fergie tried to take it, I got mad and snapped at her. Then she snapped back. And things escalated, so mom had to yell and pull us apart. Thankfully, we’re both little dogs and can’t do much damage. And we both trotted off as if nothing happened. Which was a first for me. In fact, this was the first time I won! Fergie acted a little sheepish and hung around her mom for a bit, till I made her get out and play again.

But even though I won the little tussle, mom found a little blood and teeth marks on my face again. I didn’t at all mind though. Fergie didn’t mean it, and I was back to chasing her around in no time. And mom recently bought invisible bandage spray for dogs, because of all the scrapes I’ve been getting in anyway. She says I’m the most accident prone dog ever.

Then, she proved herself right. 10 or 15 minutes later, she saw me limping along with my front paw up in the air. She about panicked when she thought I had hurt my paw. But I had just accidentally got my front dew claw caught in my rabies tag, hanging from my collar. My nail had gotten wedged and pinched in the tag. And it took two other people to help my mom get it off me, since it hurt when they tried to pull it out. I snapped at them and bit several times, squealing in pain Sorry Mom, Chloe’s mom, and Blake’s dad! But thanks for helping get me free of that! Thankfully, as mom has said before, I have a soft mouth and bite. I didn’t break the skin on mom’s hand. Hope I didn’t hurt Chloe’s mom or Blake’s dad’s hands!

There was no blood or anything. It just cut my dew claw a little bit. Mom will need to file it down later. My nails have all just overgrown so much from my last owner, that it’s taking a while to get the quick to recede enough to get my nails to a decently short length. But again, I was fine and ready to play after that. But mom’s nerves were shot. And it was cold and getting dark, so we left for home soon after.

Is there an award for the most accident prone dog? Because I would be a shoo-in!


cj said...

Hey Laney -

Those sort of tussles happen, even between the best behaved dogs and, unfortunately, it usually involves food or the people you love the most. Pooches tend to get very possessive of both!

As for the nails - does mom take you for walks on sidewalks? The concrete will help wear your nails down naturally. It's sad that your previous people weren't as good to you as they should've been but you sure have a good mom now!


Gizmo said...

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday. I think your Mom is a better photographer than my Dad. Good thing she had her camera. I always enjoy playing with you. I just wish you weren't so fast so I could catch every once in awhile.

You are too cute to keep getting scratches. Hopefully you won't get any more. I know one dog that is going to be thinking twice about it...


Lois Lane/Laney said...

CJ - Yes, mom walks me on sidewalks, but I tend to run along beside on the grass.. smelling all the smells I can!
She just bought a nail grinder though, so hopefully she can start doing my nails at home. Which I'd prefer, since doggie salons scare me.

Gizmo - I'm not nearly as fast as Fergie, though I try. And yes, she seemed to be a lot more tame around me after that. One more dog that knows I'm the boss. Only a few more to go...

Eduardo said...

Oh you have so much fun! Laney you know you look almost like a puggle! But Mommy says she can see the shar pei! And the beagle! My nails grow fast too Mommy can't clip them because she is scared she is going to hurt me so she is going to order the pedicure! I'm glad you had fun at the party! You had a great Mommy!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
P.S. Happy Halloween!

River said...

You had an exhausting day, Laney! We have minor battles quite a bit at our house since we're sort of like the number of dogs at a park only in the house. Food is mostly the reason. I'm glad you didn't really get hurt. Yes, we've gotten claws stuck in collars, tag rings, etc. and I know it can hurt. Hope you're okay now and keep only the good memories.

love & wags,

Winterdark said...

Shar Pei skin is very thin Laney, you may have inherited that part of the breed characteristic. Sounds like you had such a fun time though!
I had dew claws too, but Mommy and Daddy had them taken off because they kept getting caught in everything. I don't remember much about it except clomping around in these little plastic booties.

Raising Addie said...

That looked like a yummy cake that you got to try!

Sorry about the disagreement that the other pup had with you. Those things happen, but you are ok and that's what matters.

My mom didn't know about that spray bandage stuff for dogs. She's going to have to buy some of that just in case.

I have gotten my nail stuck like that too! Stupid collars. I like to go without one if I can.

Happy Halloween!

The Three Musketeers said...

Happy Howloween to you too ! Hope you have a fun day ! Mmmm ... did I ever mention that cake is yummy or what ? OK ! Its YUMMY !!

Lots of Loves ,
Three Musketeers

PS : We have linked you up (:

Lorenza said...

Hi, Laney!
That doggie cake looks delicious!
Glad the disagreement got solved! Those things happen!
You and my mom belong to the same club! Everything happens to her too!
Take care
Happy Halloween
Kisses and hugs

Ruby said...

Happy Halloween Laney

It looks like you had a blast at Gizmo's party. I love cake.
I hate getting my nails cut. I takes days for mom to cut them. She has to sneek a cut in every so often because I get so upset (usually it involves teeth). She going to try a groomer to see if I behave.

Love Ruby

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hi Laney,
Thanks for visiting our blog.
We are just popping over to say hi but we will definately be coming back for a proper look around.

Hope you had a great Halloween.

Holly & Zac

Chef said...

Laney! You're just like me ... I get myself into little tussles too although it is NEVER my fault! Hope your scratches are ok now. Don't worry - even the best of friends get into little scrapes.

You look SUPER in your costume too.


niqqi said...

In spite of it all, you guys really know how to PAR-TEH!



P.S. I put your Lois Lane picture on my blog. Hope you don't mind!

House of Queens said...

Oh Laney. You didn't mention that you were once a Superdog too. This picture is so cute.

House of Queens said...

Ooops. Ignore my previous comment. You did mention that you are Superdog/Superpup. You even named your blog adventure of superpup. What was I think when I posted that :D.