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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On September 19th, Laney graduated from her Intermediate Training Class from PetSmart! Our trainer Dennis was great with Laney, and helped us with several issues. By the end of our 8 week class, Laney can now do a long sit/down stay with distraction, heel/walk without pulling (unless she sees another dog), come, back up, and several other handy tricks. Best of all, Laney began warming up to other people and finally took treats from the trainer. She's the only Beagle mix I've heard of that's not food motivated!

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Midori the Beagle said...

I was reading your "back issues". I'm surprised that you are not food motivated. Good for you Laney. Char Siew and I are food motivated. So on our training classes - the more treats the better we respond.