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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr. Chewy Delivery!

What's this? I smell yummy treats and food for me!

Mr. Chewy is the best! He hooked us up with a gift certificate for his online store (, and I scorded a box full of goodies!

There was a wide variety of healthy treats and food to choose from. And Mom did good... she knows what I like! These peanut butter treats from Mr. Newman were super tasty!

I always sit and "shake" for a treat.

These are cute, little heart-shaped cookies that I couldn't get enough of...

Have to get every crumb!

More please?

Nom nom!

From Laney's Mom (the review):

Laney loved everything she got from And I was impressed by not only the selection but free the shipping and extremely fast delivery! Most "free shipping" options take up to 2 weeks to come. This package was ordered on Tuesday and arrived two days later! I was impressed. Now, the prices on a few individual items (notably the dental bones) I noticed were higher than our local superstores (they can probably get bigger bulk discounts), but the money saved in driving - having food delivered to home would make up for that. I highly enjoyed my experience - plenty of great (and all-natural) brands, easy ordering, free shipping, and incredibly fast delivery! We highly recommend this site for those of you who like home delivery options.

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Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun box to get in the mail and look at all of those yummy treats! Enjoy them, Laney!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch