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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Part 2!

Here's a distant view of the beach at Raccoon Lake where humans can lay by the water and go swimming. Dogs aren't allowed in the swimming area (no complaints here), but mom was told she could take me just past the roped off area to put me in the lake. I was given no choice in the matter. And promptly ran back out as soon as she dropped me in the water. But I have to admit it did feel really good to cool off after our long hike in the woods! I perked back up and started wagging my tail. But don't misunderstand... I'll still never willingly get myself all wet like that.

In fact, there was another beach along a trail that I walked right up to to get a drink... until the waves started coming in! That movement and noise drew me back away from the shoreline. No thanks. I want none of that.

Though, digging the sand was pretty fun. Notice all the sand on my nose. Mom kept wiping it off, but it just kept reappearing. No idea how that happened.

When we finally left the trails for the swings and play area (at my little cousin's request), we happened upon this startling sight...
Can you see who is swinging in this video?

Yeah. It's a dog. A funny, swing-loving dog. The owner said he "loves" it. I guess he might, since I'd be jumping out first chance I got. He just seems to be chilling.

Silly dogs. I'm too regal for that kind of behavior.


House of Queens said...

Hello Laney. Thank you for sharing pics of your adventures. The picture of the dog on the swing is very funny. I am not sure how he can allow his human to do that to him. Midori and Char Siew both have motion sickness - so I know they won't be able to tolerate the swing.

I know summer will soon end in your part of the world - do you have any planned adventures for the remaining days of summer?

Lois Lane/Laney said...

House of Queens - We have a couple months left of warm weather. But no more big getaways planned. Most weekends we try to make it to the local state or city park to take a long hike through the woods though. That's all I need! I'm a home-body!
How did you discover Midori and Char Siew have motion sickness? From a boat ride?

Maggie and Mitch said...

I'm with you, Laney - who the heck wants to get all wet and have to stay wet for the whole day while you're on vacation?!
That swinging dog is pretty cool!

Love ya lots,

euthymic said...

you have great spunk to be wagging your tail even if you don't like to get wet:)

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

Phil said...

My wife and I have just had a fit looking through your pictures of Laney. We adopted our Shar Pei beagle from a kill shelter about 3 years ago and still marvel at how unique, smart, and unbelievably cute he is. We've never seen another dog that even comes close to looking like him, so seeing Laney was exciting--Rufus, our dog, has the coloring of a yellow lab and a pink nose, but it's clear that his behaviors, postures, glances, sleeping positions, and hatred of water are all shared with Laney. It makes me wonder if Laney likes bananas as much as our Rufus. We'd love to send you pictures--is there any way we could attach pictures for you to view, or do you have a place we can put some pictures for you to see?


Either way, thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos.

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Phil -
I'd love to see pics of Rufus!
You can email them to angela (at) scifichick (dot) com

Laney was adopted just over 3 years ago from the humane society as well. She's never had bananas, since I don't like them. But I may have to try them out on her someday!