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Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Hiking Adventures... and a Badge!

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Mom took this week off to spend with me and go on hiking adventures! We have gone to the state park a couple times already.

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We're both definitely out of shape, after the long winter. So the 3 mile trail is tiring for both of us. I just show it more!

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Then shortly, I'm back to being regal.

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And yesterday, we were honored from Dogster, our favorite doggy site!
Wow, how cool is that?!

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Anonymous said...

So cute Lois. You are def more sharpei than beagle.

Lola said...

Congratulations on the badge, Lois. You know, when I first glanced at the post title I thought it said, "Badger", which might have been good, too. Badge is probably better, though.

wags, Lola

Rufus and Indie said...

How cool is that? You deserve it!;)
Well, winter can destroy our diet but we are doing some big walks too, just to burn the extra weight...for the summer! (oops)

Have a great weekend!